Preteen at Rock Point serves as your child’s first stepping stone into adolescence, partnering with parents to guide students into a fully engaged relationship with Jesus.

Preteen experience

Preteen offers students their first experience of “big church”, with live worship, age-appropriate sermons, and designated small group time tackling the issues of faith and identity so pressing with this age group.

Sun 23


June 23 @ 6:30PM - June 26 @ 3:00PM


Parents often find this time of transition as exciting and as scary as their students. We invite our parents to see Preteen as a true partnership, allowing the church to better equip parents in guiding their students to know Jesus personally, grow in Biblical community, and go live intentionally as they become teenagers.


Preteen ministry is about making disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).

We believe a disciple is one who increasingly worships Jesus in all of life, is being changed by Jesus in all of life, and obeys Jesus in all of life and teaches others to do the same.

Discipleship is leading people to increasingly bring all of life under the Lordship and empowering presence of Jesus. While not always simple to achieve, the focus remains on that goal.

This is where you come in and why your involvement is so crucial to our effectiveness.

We believe solid discipleship is built on relationships; specifically, life-on-life relationships between the adult leaders and students. Being a disciple who makes disciples comes through relationship.

These personal relationships ultimately provide opportunities for discipleship to occur between leaders and students.  This leads to opportunities to share God’s love with teenagers in practical, exciting, and life-changing ways.

Please understand how powerful your discipleship is as it can penetrate the often dim and dark outlook of many students. Your involvement in their life helps them realize that Jesus loves them and has an incredibly bright future in store for them!