Love All, Serve All

UPDATE: Travels to Mexico have been postponed until further notice.

Rock Point Outreach will have the opportunity to partner with Ravah Ministries to host a series of Medical Clinics near Basconcobe, Mexico to serve people with their medical and dental needs. We will also have a services project for participants who are interested helping with building and electrical projects.

Ravah Ministries believes that the best way to help in Mexico is to build a relationship with the communities in need while focusing on the pastors and leaders with spiritual care. Ravah Ministries has established relationships in over 18 cities of Mexico in a variety of Christian denominations that need biblical education and support.



It is exciting to see so many ways Rock Point can help in Mexico and support Ravah Ministries to spread the Word and love of Jesus. Rock Point teams up with the pastors and leaders in the communities of Mexico by giving them a biblical education in order to spread the truth of Jesus Christ which is crucial to changing lives with our neighbors to the south.


Rock Point Church believes that our primary outreach should be to our local community. God chose to locate Rock Point here, in this specific area, and there are multitudes of hurting people right in our own backyard who desperately need to know their Savior.


As well as having multiple local outreach partners Rock Point is also deeply committed to build purposeful relationships with leaders in the global communities where God has specifically called us to serve! These relationships are designed to first address the spiritual needs, and then the physical needs, of those individuals who are eager to share Christ within their communities.