When it comes to recovery, a common response is “I don’t have an addiction so Celebrate Recovery isn’t for me!” Are you secure enough in that opinion to take a 3 – 5 minute quiz and see how many of your answers might say differently? If so let’s get started…

1. Do you lose sleep because of what you or someone else is doing or has done?
2. Do you think a lot about problems that arise because of your behavior or someone else’s?
3. Do you seek confirmation from others or confirmation that a situation will change?
4. Do you make threats?
5. Do you have increasingly bad feelings toward other people?
6. Do you at times want to throw away his/her golf clubs, tennis racket, books, games, or computer?
7. Do you think that everything would be okay if the situation changed?
8. Do you feel alone, rejected, fearful, angry, guilty, resentful or exhausted?
9. Are you feeling an increasing dislike of yourself?
10. Do you find your moods changing as a direct result of someone else’s behavior?
11. Do you try to deny or conceal the issue or situation from friends?
12. Do you make excuses for yourself or someone else?
13. Do you feel responsible and guilty for someone else’s behavior?
14. Are you beginning to withdraw from friends and outside activities?
15. Have you taken over responsibilities that used to be handled by the other person or vice versa?
16. Are there arguments because money is misused?
17. Do you find yourself trying to justify the way you feel and act in reaction to someone’s changed behavior?
18. Do you have any new physical symptoms like headaches, indigestion, nausea, and/or shakiness?
19. Do you feel defeated or hopeless?
20. Is your work suffering because of an issue or behavior?

So how did you fair? The more “realities” you are experiencing, Celebrate Recovery could be of real value to you. Celebrate Recovery helps us live in reality and come to understand why we feel the way we do and do the things we do.

Join us any Friday night at 7:00PM. Childcare is offered for nursery – 12 years. We have a saying that as we come to Celebrate Recovery, none of us got here on a winning streak. Anonymity and confidentiality is our commitment.