Purpose Movement

About Purpose Movement

In December 2016, founder of God Feet, David Gillette, decided he wanted to walk in the footsteps of the homeless. He said to himself, “What better way than to panhandle on the side of the freeway.” David spent a couple hours panhandling in Gilbert, raising $200. With the money, he bought a bunch of pizzas, drove to downtown Phoenix and fed men, women, and children that were living on the streets. This experience was both priceless and eye opening. Through that experience, the idea of Purpose Movement was born.

Since that first night, hundreds of people have joined the Panhandle Project movement, in an effort to positively impact our community living without a home. “God is moving powerfully through the Purpose Movement. We’re so excited to see others get involved and thank God for the opportunity to serve alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m so thankful for our church Rock Point, as they continue to encourage us to Know, Grow & Go.”

Upcoming Events

September 15 | Panhandling Event