The VISION of the High School ministry is to be a family of students who knows and believes the Gospel, grows in their God-given identities, and goes out living intentionally as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Our High School mission is to provide an environment for all students to be engaged in a gathering community, invested in a community, and involved in reaching out to those not yet saved.


The foundation for our High School students begins with the Gospel – believing the Gospel story, understanding how to live in that story, and combating the world’s opposing story. We build on this foundation as students rest in their new identity in Christ. Finally, we direct their attention outwardly towards others and seek to train them to be learners and leaders – disciples who make disciples – who teach others to do the same.

Ways to get connected:

Doors open at 5:30pm for hangout time.

The High School service on Sunday nights is to gather students together, call them to worship God through song and music, and equip them in the Gospel for all of life.

The primary focus during the Sunday night service is:

  • Gathering of the “church” – community among students as a large gathering
  • Worshipping through music – calling students to engage with God through music, song, and reflection
  • Teaching Gospel fluency – believing the Gospel story, understanding how to live in the Gospel story, and combating the world’s story as it rubs against the Gospel story

High School service is not primarily intended to reach the not-yet-saved, but never geared to exclude them (see purpose statement).  The not-yet-saved are always invited, welcomed, and encouraged to come but we do not gear our Gathering towards them.  It is primarily intended to encourage and equip the church for ministry. (Ephesians 4)

The not-yet-saved are invited and encouraged to be a part of Reach.

Communities is where students go deeper in their understanding of the Gospel; grow in their identity as family; and encourage/mature one another as servant missionaries.

Communities will run every Sunday Night after High School Gathering from 7:30PM-8:30PM.
The Fall Semester of Communities is from August 20th – December 10.

A parent of each student in a Community is required to attend the Parent Meeting from 7:30PM-8:30PM on August 20th.

Communities are:

  • By sign-up only (occurs once in the Fall and once in the Spring sememster)
  • 3-6 students with 1 Adult Leader
  • Gender separated
  • Grade separation is preferred, but not always available
  • School separation is preferred, but not always available
  • Curriculum/Discussions are decided on by Community Leader in accordance with Pastor Josiah Lee

Sign ups for High School Communities have closed as HS Communities started August 20th. If you would like to be added to a waitlist for a group please click HERE.

The vision of the Student Leadership Team is to develop, mature, and disciple students in Gospel leadership.

The mission for the Student Leadership Team is to have students take ownership of their faith, invest in their own ministry through leadership, and develop a missional heart.

Student Leadership Application

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What happens at home is more important than what happens in our ministry.

Parents are the main spiritual influencers and disciplers in the home!

We believe that the church and the parents must partner together to raise students who follow Christ. We desire to help equip, empower, and encourage parents to be effective in discipling their students in the home. We look forward to partnering with you and your family to see students become mature followers of Christ.


High School ministry is about making disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).

We believe a disciple is one who increasingly worships Jesus in all of life, is being changed by Jesus in all of life, and obeys Jesus in all of life and teaches others to do the same.

Discipleship is leading people to increasingly bring all of life under the Lordship and empowering presence of Jesus. While not always simple to achieve, the focus remains on that goal.

This is where you come in and why your involvement is so crucial to our effectiveness.

We believe solid discipleship is built on relationships; specifically, life-on-life relationships between the adult leaders and students. Being a disciple who makes disciples comes through relationship.

These personal relationships ultimately provide opportunities for discipleship to occur between leaders and students.  This leads to opportunities to share God’s love with teenagers in practical, exciting, and life-changing ways.

Please understand how powerful your discipleship is as it can penetrate the often dim and dark outlook of many students. Your involvement in their life helps them realize that Jesus loves them and has an incredibly bright future in store for them!