4’s – Kinder | Classroom Lesson | 2nd Service | May 6-7

Memory Verse: Jesus prayed for God’s will. ~Matthew 26:39 Text Truth: Jesus prayed for God’s help. Christ in Context: Everything God promised to His people in Old Testament times came true when He sent Jesus. Scripture: Matthew 26:36-46

Get Started (Use the time before large group to introduce today’s lesson and connect with the children.) Gather children into an open area of the room. Invite a child to pull an item out of the bag. Ask the child how this item represents something we can talk to God about. Mention how the bandage can remind us to ask God for help when we are hurt or sick; the person and food item remind us to thank God for our families and food; and the car reminds us to thank God for our safety and protection. State: We can talk to God about anything.  Today we are going to learn about a Ɵme  when Jesus went to pray. He was asking God  for help.  What do you want to pray for today? (allow each child the opportunity to share) Show the story picture and briefly summarize the Bible Story before going to large group.

Prayer Pray and thank God that we can talk to Him any Ɵme and anywhere.

Missions/Offering Ask:  Did anyone bring an offering to church  today?  When we bring an offering to church it is  used to help others. We give an offering because  we love Jesus and we love others!  Collect any offering that children brought. SAY: Thank You God for this offering!

Large Group Transition to the large group area for worship and Bible Story. Have someone stay behind to prepare the snack.

Snack and Bible Story While the children are eating their snack please review today’s Bible story.  Jesus and His friends went to the garden to pray  Jesus prayed for God’s help.

Bible Skills Open Bible to MaƩhew 26:19 and read aloud, Jesus prayed for God’s will. Remark: A special verse in Matthew tells us  that Jesus prayed for God’s will.  Lead children to repeat the Memory Verse three Ɵmes.

Lego Prayers Supplies: one Lego block per child Give each child one Lego block. Give children the following instructions and guide when necessary. Hold your brick. Pray for yourself. Thank God for the things he has given you. Ask Him to bless you and to help you to bless others. Count the bumps on your brick. For each bump on your brick, pray for a different person- friends or family members. Ask God to bless them this week. Find someone who has a different color brick to you. Thank God for making each person special. Pray that we will learn how to celebrate and understand people who are different to us. Find someone with the same number of bumps on their brick as you. Thank God for families and friends and all who care for us. Pray that He will help us to be friends to those who are lonely. Swap your brick with someone. Thank God for the person you swapped with and ask God to bless them this week. Put all of the bricks together and build a structure or tower with them. Thank God for the church and the communities we live in. Pray that He will help us to include others and to help people know that they are loved and valued.

Craft: Prayer Journal Supplies: prayer journal, crayons/colored pencils/markers Give each child a prayer journal. Read aloud each heading and give children the opportunity to draw a corresponding picture. MenƟon: We can talk to God about anything.   Jesus prayed for God’s help.

Dismissal Say: We can believe that Jesus will help us.  Only a back ground checked adult may check children out of the classroom. Send home the child’s craŌ and parent take-home sheet with each child.